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Course Records*


Marathon Women

NameTimePace per mileYear
Tami Beall3:18:207:362018
Leslie Fox3:21:26 7:422019
Laurie Dutkiewicz3:22:267:442019
Laura Breu3:23:357:472019
Abby Coats3:26:557:542019


Marathon Men

NameTimePace per mileYear
Ryan Alexander2:32:215:492019
Zachary Boyd-Helm2:35:185:562019
Kirby Garlitz2:38:166:032019
Mike Hensley2:41:576:112019
Kenneth Pocasangre2:48:136:262019


Half Marathon Women

NameTimePace per mileYear
Amanda Phillips1:18:106:002018
Renee Metivier1:20:406:312019
Sierra Brown1:23:476:262018
Morgan Kuiper1:25:126:312019
Desiree Piter1:29:116:502018


Half Marathon Men

NameTimePace per mileYear
Casey Campbell1:06:085:032019
Justin Banks1:09:135:192018
Christopher Post1:10:575:252019
Orin Schumacher1:11:335:292018
Scott Williams1:12:005:312018


10k Women

NameTimePace per mileYear
Wendy Yates43:096:572019
Betsy Davis44:177:082019
Suzanne Ray44:437:122018
Nicki Cave44:517:142019
Diana VaVerka45:237:192019


10k Men

NameTimePace per mileYear
Asher Catterall32:515:182019
Justin Loftus35:105:402019
Kyle Carson36:355:542019
Tim Mikels43:377:022019
Thomas Gennarelli45:067:162019

*Course records for the race after Sourwood Running became the event producer. There will be a slightly changed course beginning in 2020.